Healthcare Solutions

Healthcare Solutions

As a leading healthcare solutions provider, we have partnered with Tirer-1, CCHIT certified hospital information system providers. Abacus has since emerged as a leading supplier of healthcare Healthcare Solutions – TheQualityResourceGroup information technology solutions to address the clinical, financial and administrative operation of healthcare organizations. Our partner, Tirer-1, is based in Silicon Valley California and operate in many countries. With their assistance we offer next generation healthcare platform, which can be configured to fit the needs of small and medium hospitals to large multi-facility medical complexes. Our goal is to become the industry’s enterprise healthcare cloud computing company which offers the best healthcare solution at the lowest cost. We offer both on-demand and in-premises software business models to cater to the customer needs

Hospital Information System

iHelix Hospital is an enterprise-wide solution that provides complete patient information across all points of care to assist healthcare providers in delivering the best services possible. Specifically designed for small community hospitals, large medical clinics and long-term care facilities, the iHelix Hospital solution is comprised of individual but integrated modules, including the advanced Electronic Medical Record (EMR). This technology platform enables our clients to build customized health information systems that are affordable and meet their specific IT needs. The iHelix Hospital product suite is available in two different delivery models – in-house server or web-based ASP. This also enables our clients to choose the model that best suits their needs.


Based in Silicon Valley, Sajix Inc. is a leading provider of integrated information technology solutions for the global healthcare industry. We utilize the latest technology to successfully integrate all the systems within the health care industry. Whether you need a complete solution for meaningful use, or solutions for individual departments, Sajix has a fast and economical strategy to meet any clinic/hospital’s requirements.
With a management team consisting of experienced healthcare personnel and a strong technical team, the Company has developed an SOA based integrated healthcare platform, IHELIX, to offer Software-as-as-Service model to customers. Sajix’s vision is to ‘Simplify Healthcare’ and become a leading SaaS solution provider in the areas of Electronic Medical Record and Practice Management.
Sajix’s mission is to provide physicians and hospital staff access to critical and multiple sources of data, thereby improving efficiency in patient care, which would result in increased patient satisfaction and reduced operation cost.

Sajix’s iHelix Hospital

  • Electronic Medical Record
  • Hospital Management
  • Patient Portal
  • Registration
  • Nurse Portal
  • Pharmacy Management
  • Laboratory Management
  • Radiology Management
  • E-Prescription
  • HR Management
  • Material Management

Patient Accounting

Sajix’s iHelix integrated suite of patient accounting solutions, provides healthcare facilities to manage patient flow and automate billing processes. These iHelix modules streamline patient services, minimize rejected claims and denials, accelerate reimbursements, improve revenue cycle performance, and enhance patient satisfaction. Some of the features and modules of Patient Accounting are as follows:

• Admission/Discharge/Transfer- Streamlines the admissions, discharge and transfer process by automating workflow and eliminating redundant tasks.

• Electronic Claims – Transmits insurance claims electronically directly to intermediaries, reducing errors and speeding claims processing.

• Electronic Eligibility Verification – Quickly verifies a patient’s insurance eligibility for services during the admissions process.

• Electronic Remittance Advice – Automates electronic remittance advice from an intermediary and updates the patient’s record.

• Medical Necessity Checking – Validates the reasonableness and necessity of procedures being performed based on local medical review policies (LMRP) significantly reduces the risk of providing services that will not be reimbursed.

• Patient Accounting – Provides comprehensive patient billing, insurance billing, accounts receivable, collections, revenue reporting and helps manage bad debts, including online, point of service patient payments to speed and increase collections.

• Patient Scheduling – Simplifies scheduling of patients and patient inquiries, generates recall/reminder notices and helps manage resource utilization across the enterprise.

• Surgery Scheduling – Helps effectively manage your surgical departments’ operations, resources and schedules.

Financial Management
Sajix iHelix System provides an integrated suite of accounting and financial modules for managing a hospital facility’s financial operations, resources and personnel. With information from Sajix accounting and financial modules, the admin will have the ability to analyze and act on critical financial performance data, enabling the people in charge to manage the organization more effectively.

General Ledger – Consolidates monitors and reports on the financial results of the healthcare facility – enterprise-wide.
Accounts Payable – Efficiently manages the vendor invoices and tracks payment transactions.
Material Management – Effectively automates the inventory control, materials purchasing, and requisitions. It also provides for multiple vendor contract management.
Payroll – Completely automates the payroll processing and reporting.
Personnel – Provides for the effective management of employees’ information, including validation of criminal background checks.

Clinical System

Sajix iHelix Integrated Suite of Clinical Information Modules provides hospitals with solutions that help clinical departments by automating administrative and clinical documentation tasks. This enables clinicians to focus on providing quality patient care instead of spending time managing patient data. The flexible modules allow customization to meet the needs of physicians, nurses, and other care providers. The iHelix modules promote compliance with a facility’s best practices and improve patient safety.

 Electronic Medical Record – Sajix Electronic Medical Record (EMR) is the central repository for all of the patients’ information. The EMR provides caregivers – nurses, physicians, and other allied health professionals – a comprehensive view of patient information including, demographic, historical and clinical information. Information from all care settings within a healthcare system – physician’s offices, clinics, hospitals, home health practices and long-term care is stored and available through the patient’s electronic medical record. The EMR ensures that treatment decisions are based on the most up-to-date information and that care is coordinated between multiple care providers.

• Order/Entry – Improves order communication between departments and/ or care settings. Clinicians can enter orders, edit placed orders and view order status for all patient types, using department specific ordering and charging menus.

• Pharmacy – Helps pharmacists manage all aspects of medication verification and dispensing, including e-prescribing, coordinating orders, interaction checking, administration and charging. Integrated with the patient’s electronic medical record, pharmacists have access to the patient information they require with an up-to-date view of the patient’s current and past medication record.

• Laboratory – Automates all lab department activities, enabling users to receive, track and process orders, report results and ensure quality control. Interfaces with laboratory instruments to further streamline the process of collecting test data within the lab. The results are saved in the patient’s iHelix EMR.

 Radiology – Automates the everyday activities within a radiology department, including processing orders, image management and tracking, generating department reports and automating charging. Using the Sajix EMR, the module facilitates efficient communication between radiologists, technicians, nurses and physicians.

Popular Inpatient Clinical features include:
•    CPOE
•   Nursing & Ancillary Documentation
•    Operating Room Management
•    Inventory & Financial
•    Vaccine Management
Popular Outpatient Clinical features include:
•    Customizable practice dashboard
•    Event-driven workflows
•   Secure network messaging
•    Disease management protocols and immunization monitoring
•   Easy integration with RIS/PACS and Laboratory systems

iHelix Telecare

iHelix Telecare is a remote physician consultation solution that provides complete availability of physicians of various specialties .This will allow patient to communicate their medical /health problems in a secured manner to their preferred physicians. Additionally the patient has following advantages.

  • First Aid information
  • Emergency Need
  • Chronic Disease Opinion
  • Third Party Opinion
  • Home health care
  • Post surgery /Treatment care

Our iHelix Telecare product suite is available as Software- as- Service (SaaS)/Web base ASP.

Catalyst for Change
Our research and development teams strive continuously to make iHelix a solution of choice for hospitals. It is this single-minded emphasis that has created these key distinctions:

  • Web-based
  • Modular
  • Scalable
  • Application mobility
  • Convergence  Technology
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Security

Healthcare Provider Environment

3rd Party Integration Support

Application Compliances

  • HL7
  • ICD 10
  • DICOM – Machine Integration
  • Application Development Standards
  • Latest Windows Technology of 2006
  • All modules under single integrated Application
  • Data Migration
  • Bi-Directional Machine Integration
  • Scalable for future with web domain.

Integrated Healthcare system for Physician office

The iHelix MD Practice Management System provides modules for patient accounting, patient management, and a sophisticated EMR for patient care documentation. Our iHelix MD suite of applications seamlessly integrates the administrative, financial, and clinical system needs of physician practices and clinics. Like our iHelix Hospital system, the iHelix MD product suite is available in two different delivery models – in-house server or web-based ASP. Again, this allows our physician clients to choose the model that best suits their specific needs. Because iHelix MD can be automatically integrated with the iHelix Hospital system, patient Information and common data can be easily shared among healthcare providers and facilities.

Sajix iHelix provides an integrated suite of solutions for physician practices and clinics. These modules provide complete functionality for patient management and patient care documentation. These modules can be integrated with the Sajix iHelix Hospital System.

Physician Practice Management
Sajix provides a complete system for managing the administrative and financial aspects of a physician’s practice, including patient care documentation, patient accounting and billing services, patient portal, electronic claims processing and practice financial reporting to track the practice’s financial performance. The system also provides online, point of service payment capabilities to speed and increase collections.

Electronic Medical Record
The Sajix iHelix EMR helps physicians electronically document patient encounters. The EMR allows doctors to document a patient’s visit at the time care is provided, automating the tasks associated with charting patient exams and assessments, resulting in a complete, secure electronic medical record.

Simplifies the process of scheduling patients, tracking patients, generating recall/reminder notices and managing resources across the entire practice.

Electronic Eligibility Verification
Lets you verify a patient’s insurance eligibility during the admissions process.

Patient Care Guidelines
Aids caregivers in determining the necessary healthcare procedures for patients based on their age, sex, and/or diagnosis, ensuring patients receive consistent preventative care for routine wellness and chronic illness treatment.

Patient Portal  
Sajix healthcare portal allows patients to access a secure, personalized healthcare portal from anywhere with computer access and view their lab results, access current health records, view/update appointments and schedules, refill prescriptions, examine current and past statements, receive lab result interpretations, efficiently share healthcare documentation, manage referrals, and receive and reply to notes , all from their own personal computer

Physician Portal
The Sajix physician portal allows doctors to review patient tests (lab, x-ray, pathology results, etc.) without opening multiple EMR records, approve and write prescriptions, access educational news, investigate procedures and communicate via email