Human Capital Strategy

Strategic Visioning 

TheQualityResourceGroup deploys the Strategic Dialogue Process, a workshop based methodology for engaging the client’s entire organization in combining its best hindsight and foresight in aligned action, employing practices that are familiar to managers and strategic planners and in the best interest of stakeholders. The Strategic Visioning Process Model provides a way to sequence and sort the practices, and also acts as a tool for telling the story and making the case.

Corporate Governance and Organization Analysis and Design

We work with clients to design and implement organizational structures that enable companies to realize their strategic vision and achieve winning business results. In this context, we offer a wide variety services such as Organization Design and Development, Business Process Re-engineering, Mergers & Acquisitions HR Integration, and Business Start-up. We believe that organization design is an integration of structure, processes, people, culture, systems and technology and that it must be supportive of the overall strategy.

HR Due Diligence

HR Due Diligence is one of our most detailed services and is aimed at valuing the contribution of manpower and HR function to the success of the business in a purchasing, outsourcing or market-testing environment. We also provide solutions regarding effective Manpower Optimization & Budgeting, and HR Policy Audit solutions.

Reward Strategy

Mercer’s Total Rewards process and analytical tools help employers develop and implement holistic strategies that reflect all the ways in which the organization delivers financial rewards to its employees; this includes pay, benefits, and career opportunities. Our Total Rewards perspective also ensures that the design and implementation of individual reward program elements considers the broader context of Total Rewards.