Human Resource Diagnostics

Human Resource Diagnostics

HR Diagnostics provide a complete picture of an organization’s needs. While at one end the TRS Salary Survey tool is used to analyze industry wide compensation data, at TheQualityResourceGroup the other end the Employee Engagement Survey reflects on a host of issues such as Career Development, Retention, and Organizational Climate factors, all of which have a strong bearing on the overall company performance. In order to assist our clients evaluate their particular situation, we offer a number of services.

Total Remuneration Survey (TRS)

Our Flagship product is Mercer’s Total Remuneration Survey (TRS) which is an “All Industry” syndicate survey conducted annually in 60 countries across the globe. In Pakistan, we had 94 plus participants in 2011 including MNCs and reputed local companies from diverse sectors such as Engineering, Manufacturing, Chemicals & Fertilizers, Pharmaceuticals, Agriculture, Telecom, Technology, FMCGs, Logistics, and Energy etc.

The service is offered through our strategic alliance with Mercer on an exclusive basis for Pakistan. TRS encompasses the collection and reporting of compensation and benefits data of up to 600 benchmark positions in every possible job family for our client organization. TRS is the market leading solution that utilizes the most advanced and flexible data analysis tools that include

HR Due Diligence

HR Due Diligence is one of our most detailed services and is aimed at valuing the contribution of manpower and HR function to the success of the business in a purchasing, outsourcing or market-testing environment. We also provide solutions regarding effective Manpower Optimization & Budgeting, and HR Policy Audit solutions.

International Position Evaluation System (IPE)

Through this tool we employ a systematic approach of conducting Job Evaluations, and linking the resulting grading structure with external benchmarks obtained through the Total Remuneration Survey (TRS). Role evaluation is conducted through an analytical approach based on a point-rating system resulting in a comprehensive and exhaustive understanding of each job in the organization.

Mercer Pay Monitor

A web-based interactive application data-mining application, Mercer Pay Monitor is another one of our tools which allows you access to the most up to date and unlimited queries of compensation and benefits information. It has options to customize searches and statistics according to your individual needs, giving you instant comparison of your data against the market.

Benefit Prevalence Report (BPR)

From the day an employee is recruited to the time they leave an organization, the remuneration and benefits strategy is one of the most complex, and sometimes, controversial issues of the employment relationship.

The Benefits Prevalence Survey, another Mercer’s global product, is geared towards helping HR professionals understand where their respective company stands as opposed to their peer group and to provide a comparative framework in terms of benefits offered. Our Benefits Survey includes data for over 85 organizations within Pakistan and covers around 20 policies/benefits covering statutory benefits, sales incentives and other perquisites at various tiers across a wide range of industry sectors. Mercer offers BPR through a state of the art cutting edge solution named as Mercer Benefit Monitor.

Client Sponsored Compensation and Benefits Survey

A client sponsored survey is provided where the client wants a quick comparison of selected benchmark positions with a chosen group of companies.

Client Sponsored surveys provide analysis on just about anything within a given industry, ranging from basic salary to an all inclusive benefits comparison.  The methodology of this survey is developed by TheQualityResourceGroup, keeping in view the local business environment and the best global practices.

Employee Engagement Survey (EES)

Employee Engagement surveys help employers measure and understand their employees’ attitude, opinions, motivation, satisfaction and overall organizational climate. Research shows that employee turnover costs organizations a significant amount of money each year. By understanding the concerns of your employees through tools such as employee satisfaction surveys, companies are better able to implement policies and procedures that can improve retention.

We offer Mercer’s exclusive services to conduct EES to our clients and help them deal with any or all of the above mentioned elements present in a given organization. EES can assess a number of key factors pertaining to the work environment, like Career Development, Performance Management, Training and Development, Ethics and Integrity, Leadership and Direction, and Compensation and Benefits etc.

Manpower Optimization Study

Our Manpower Optimization Model provides strategic approach for addressing present and anticipated workforce issues. TheQualityResourceGroup accepts the fact that people are the most important asset and we recognize that all improvements, achievements and goals that are achieved by the organization come from having the right type, skills and competency of people at the right place and at the right time.