Payroll/Recruitment Services

Payroll Management Services

TheQualityResourceGroup provides Payroll Management services to midsize and large enterprises in Pakistan. Our Payroll Management system comes with a user-friendly interface, has a flexible and comprehensive outlook and is designed to make everyday payroll processing quick and easy without all the traditional complexities. It can be used as a standalone program or as an integration with the General Ledger system for automatic posting of monthly salaries, loans, advances and other payables, along with calculation of provident fund contribution of the employees.

TheQualityResourceGroup Payroll design is based on best HR practices and our knowledge of the statutory requirements of our local environment across a variety of industries. We aim to add value to our clients by using a system that increases performance, efficiency and accuracy with the help of following features:

• Monthly Salary and Reporting in various currencies
• Management of  Employee Profile (Personnel information, earnings, deduction, bonuses and increments)
• Comprehensive Income Tax Module
• Robust and Powerful Reporting System
• User Friendly Report Writer with Report Export Feature
• Comprehensive Security System (Define users, user groups, assign control level access to each end-user and start/stop audit trail management)
• Full time Project Coordinators at Client’s site and TheQualityResourceGroup office