Software Development and Management

Software Development and Management

Our seasoned and experienced team of software development, work in close collaboration with functional consultants and business analysts to develop software applications to address the outlined business challenges and bring change through technology innovation.

Our custom software development services include design, development and implementation of custom made solutions in latest tools and technologies. Our well defined Project management processes and standards have increased our operational effectiveness and enhanced our capability to deliver efficient IT solutions within the agreed timelines and budget.

We have a large pool of technical experts and technology consultants who have diversified experience of various industries and every individual is outfitted with the modern technology tools for rapid development, systems integration and implementation.

We have vast experience of application development, systems integration and management and have successfully completed large scale software development and implementation projects over the years, which include development of business applications, systems integration and providing application management, re-engineering and support services.

Web Applications and Portals

To enable our clients to take competitive edge over the competition, we provide web development services using variety of tools to develop state-of-the-art web applications meeting the business objectives through the blend of socializing and functional features. We have developed and managing various web applications including line-of-business applications, community portals and purpose-build applications. Furthermore we have vast experience extending and implementing enterprise web portals including MS SharePoint.

Backoffice Applications

We provide development and implementation services for custom-made ERP and line-of-business applications on web and client/server environment. We have successfully deployed our completely in-house developed ERP at various clients. Over the period we have also successfully developed various Add-ons for SAP Business One to address the additional requirements of the clients.

Systems Integration

Today all the enterprises are running multiple business applications to support various functions and to communicate with the outer world. Hence there is a rising need of integrating the systems within the enterprise and enable exchange of information with external systems for compliance and information management. Integration is the most challenging part of technology implementation, whereby the existing systems within an ecosystem collaborate with each other in seamless way to obtain highest efficiency and automation in business operations.

We have the technology experts with right knowledge and hands-on experience of best-of-breed middleware tools that are specifically built to manage complex integration needs. We have developed applications that are already integrated with best of breed ERPs like SA

Software Support and Maintenance

At TheQualityResourceGroup, customer satisfaction is our first and top most priority. Therefore we not only develop and implement software applications but also provide state-of-art software support and services. We have the vast experience in providing nation-wide first level and second level support for various applications.